6. Broken Medicine, an Introduction

6. Broken Medicine, an Introduction

Medicine is broken. I am a doctor, I should know. I was debating if this is the right platform to express such an opinion as it may seem slightly off topic compared to the previous articles. I decided it is probably the best platform because Leo and people who gravitate to his message clearly know that Leo outlines a lifestyle and way of life that puts you as the individual at the centre. As Nietzsche said " no one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life. No one can and no one may." The power of these words lie in the knowledge that you have every tool whether physical, emotional or spiritual to transform into the infinite being you were created to be. And so through this lens we can begin to explore the many pitfalls of modern medicine.

Where does one even begin to explore such a vast topic. Perhaps it will be better to write this as a series of articles overtime so this may serve as a short introduction, to a larger collection of insider insights that will serve to be an awakening message to those who place too much blind trust in the vehicle of modernised western medicine.

In 2022, the US spent 4.3 trillion dollars on healthcare. This translates to 12, 914 dollars per person. The US has an obesity rate of 42%, a heart attack incidence rate of 1 heart attack every 40 seconds (50% of these people die) with an annual mortality rate of close to one million for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) alone. Cancer accounts for 609 00 deaths and diabetes related disease accounts for 102 000 deaths per year. These are just the core of many preventable diseases that are accelerating the mortality rate in the US and the world respectively.

The evidence in the health and death rate only serve to show that the 4,35 billion prescriptions filled out each year in the US ALONE seem to be of little help. They may even be accelerating it.

 A question arises. A question never asked in the practice of medicine. Is death an adequate metric by which to judge health or lack thereof? In my opinion, probably not; we will all die eventually. To measure health by the rate of death illustrates the complete narrowminded and backwards view of medicine and empirical science as it has progressed as a whole. It shows that something is broken. I would rather view the numbers and statistics of mortality and morbidity, as a portrayal of the destruction of the inner life of the human being. Most of the patients on pharmaceutical therapy have given up control of things they can change. They have given up the potential that lies within them to transform and for me as a physician this is the greatest tragedy of all. Death is an aside to this greater tragedy. It is a symbol that they have died long before they have even begun to live. You may think this is an exaggeration but in respect to most modern chronic diseases it is a sad but accurate assessment. Herein lies the crux. Medicine at the core of many, many other reasons (which I will elaborate on in the future) is broken solely due to the fact that it has taken power away from the individual. You are viewed as a number, a prescription, a physical and biochemical machine with a bunch of receptors that can be manipulated. You are a 10 minute consultation. You are nothing more, part of the medical machine that has made you a piece riding a conveyor on an assembly line.

I have seen and work with the treatment protocols of modern medicine. They are a money making sham based on the delusion of RTC trials and evidence based medicine. They are manipulated, statistics massaged for prophet and gain.

How do we fix this? It is simple. At the grass roots level, as physicians and as patients we need to put the individual back at the basis of healthcare. Put the human being as a powerful force of nature at the core of medical practice. Serve the miracle that is the body with a sacred reverence and you can transform the lives of patients by revealing the tools that lie within themselves.

It is time to discard the view that you are nothing but a collection of cells. It is archaic and detrimental to your wellbeing.

Am I espousing a view that all pharmaceutical therapy and all medicine is bad? Absolutely not. I also see and understand the miracles modern medicine has developed and when the time and place arises, I will use what is necessary to assist in the best way possible, including pharmaceutical therapy. The point is it is not the only way.

How do we live a life that prevents us reaching a point, where we need a pill to regulate our physiology? The most important thing to remember is you are a being of the earth. All that lies within your physical body lies in nature. Minerals, vitamins, food and the earth can be your healer. The very substances you are made of are the substances that will heal you. By creating a lifestyle where you use the power of the physical body, move past the boundaries of the mind, utilize nutrition in a way that truly nourishes you and find a spiritual practice that brings a deep sense of meaning, you will truly be the master of your fate. It is hard and you will encounter immense darkness along the way but it is the only way. There is no way to distract and escape, because if you try to, you will end up dying before you were ever truly born.

- Dr Sofós


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