Doug Young

1. Using Pain as a Cleansing Fire

Pain pushes us to either to move away in service of self preservation or to grow through adversity. The most challenging tasks are those that are most likely to be the most rewarding, to those who have the courage to pursue them. In today's age of rationalizations and justifications, we can often catch ourselves falling into the habit of finding reasons to not push ourselves, to lie to ourselves about what is possible, because after all, aren't we aware of where our limits lie?
We aren't until we push the limits of our mind, our psyche. We're incredible machines capable of so much more than heeding a simple pain response in reaction to stress. Find out how to differentiate between real life threatening/mobility threatening pain and false signalling (short term pain in the way of long term success). Know the difference by putting in the reps and pushing beyond that pain zone.
Use pain as a tool to strip away your weakness, your false self preservations. A tool to use the mind to cut through the illusion clouding your life - the ego.

Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.

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