11. Forge

11. Forge

There is a fire in all of us. It is a place where metal is folded in on itself. Where heat is required for the hardest objects to be bent and shaped.

Our negative habits are such objects. Be careful of dragging with you, the weight of the past. Your will and energy is split if you try and control the things that are out of your control to change.

Like the blacksmith forges steel and shapes metal, take it upon yourself, to make yourself malleable. Reignite the embers within your own inner forge.
You have within you a willpower that can drive you beyond the limits that you think restrict you.

Find the things that bring you the most fulfillment and nurture the flame you have within you.
Your passion is the key to finding your way out of the ordinary.

Light the fire, use your will to bend some metal.

Find Freedom,

Life is what you make it.



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