13. Influence

13. Influence

13. Influence

In this life there are many things you can control and even more that you can't.
Stress is manifested when we try and exert control over those things that we have no ability to control. We worry and grow nervous about these things that we have no control over, specifically the future and an identity that we project onto others.
This identity is a combination of the things that we are insecure about and the things in our lives that we place the highest criteria value on.

The most ironic thing is that we are often judging ourselves more harshly than others ever could, all because of what we assume is going on in other's heads. This is most of the time, not even remotely true. Most people don't care about you enough to worry about such things and if they do care enough they wouldn't judge you for failing, or falling short of the expectations you have for yourself.

We hamstring ourselves with every thought and use our minds to punish ourselves. End this tyrannical self imposed prison you are in. Stop worrying about what has not come to pass, or suffer twice: before it's happened and after the fact. Take stock of your situation and control those things that you can. Every second you worry about the things outside of your control you leech resources from handling what is right in front of you to change.

The future is not promised, also not uncertain. The more you concern yourself with what is right here, now and in this moment the more appreciation you have for the future and past. Flow within the stream of time and let what come, come. There is no shame in facing your fate with a fresh mind. Cast out this belief that you must prepare yourself by suffering mentally and psychology before the suffering has begun.

Trust your process, and do all that you can in this moment.

Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.
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This mindset and article has changed so many things for me, in my life. It’s helped me let let go of the things I cant do anything about and keep calm inside.


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