5. Mastery

5. Mastery

Perfection is a word that is thrown around and idealized in society. It's an elusive goal and achieving it, is a paradox. No matter how hard we try, we can never be perfect, but the striving for perfection is what makes us great and therefore the intention behind perfection is what makes it so: perfect.

The idea of perfection can be paralyzing. Unfortunately the ego understands this and preys on the individual's insecurities in order to create paralysis by analysis. It prevents us from taking that first step towards mobilizing in pursuit of our dreams, for fear of what if. What if it's not as perfect as you think it will be. What if you can't make it perfect, is it worth having? All these thoughts prevent us from ever finding out our true worth, with our egos dictating to us our diminished identity and lack of worth.

The thoughts of inadequacy swirl in the minds of most of us, dictated to us, by "us." We treat ourselves poorly and look to be cynical. We shut ourselves down before anyone else can, at least we control the disappointment, right? In this way it becomes a self imposed prison, and we let our inner child die, in pursuit of being average.

Living in this way is such a waste. Imagine living your life for others... Suffering for people who wouldn't give you a passing glance.

Live life for today, in preparation for tomorrow. Take a chance on yourself and strive for perfection. The worst you can do is not achieve these goals, but the journey would have changed you for the better. You would have learned things about yourself that inaction would not have provided.
Be thankful for all that you have and let the ego be a tool, rather than control you. Be enthusiastic for the fact that you have the opportunity to fail.

Perfection doesn't exist. Realizing this brings us closer to it. This is the paradox.

Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.
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