8. Commander

8. Commander

Finding the strength to lead is daunting. Having to be responsible for an outcome, whether positive or negative is a heavy weight upon the shoulders of those who carry it.

Think about yourself as someone who is in charge of a task that no one else wants. Think of yourself as having to do the dirty work. The thankless jobs. The jobs no one sees or hears about.
We want the world to like us, to follow us, without having done anything noteworthy.
So called influencers are all around us, overestimating their importance in this world.

Ask yourself this. When looking up to someone, would you follow them into battle? Are they honorable and virtuous? Are their ideologies life affirming and focused on appreciating life and commitment to growth? If the answer is no, rethink your own values, for why have you followed them if not for the fact that you do not have clear morals of your own.

Strengthen your mindset by challenging it with other viewpoints. Adopt and try out wholesome values, to build your world view. Set an example for those who would come after you, asking the same questions of themselves and the world.

Do not give up in being the highest form of yourself that you can be. Look to lead yourself into battle. When warriors lose faith in their cause, it is their leader's job to remind them of what they're fighting for. To remind them, that they can make a difference., despite the fact that all seems lost.

You are your very own commander. Lead your spirit into battle, and conquer the very things that scare you.

Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.
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