12. Intention

12. Intention

Who are you looking to become? What do you fill your mind with? Is what you're focusing on worth your energy and time?

We walk through this existence with a passenger, who lives within us. We often refer to this entity as us and add it to the sum of who we are. When this voice speaks in our heads, it sounds just like us. It masquerades as us and is brilliant at making us believe that it has our best interests at heart. 

In many different cultures around the world, this voice is seen as either the ego, the mind or the saboteur. It speaks to you, without respect, without love and leads you to pursue base desires at the cost of virtuous actions. The issue is though, that ever since we developed an independent identity, this entity sprang forth. Don't get it wrong, there is a need and purpose for this entity to exist, but unfortunately it controls many of us and we are a slave to it. The correct energy exchange is to use "the mind, the ego, the saboteur" for it's intended purpose and not let it run amok in our worlds. It is useful to know where you are in relation to everything else and to understand that certain base "monkey brain" desires have their time and place. 

How do "you" speak to yourself throughout the day? Would you tolerate others speaking to you in the same manner? What type of thoughts swirl around in your head on a day to day basis? Are you concerned with other's journeys, when it is your journey you should be paying attention to? You are who you spend your time with and you teach the world how to treat you. Taking this into account, the thoughts that swirl in your head dictate who you are actively becoming, in real time.

You are always assimilating information, even when you're not conscious of it. You become the very things you allow into your environment and space. Start listening to life affirming music, doing things that nourish your spirit, beyond just chasing the next dopamine fix. Listening to music glorifying superficial interests, killing, objectifying women and peddling drugs is not the answer to becoming a wholesome individual. Listen rather, to music of overcoming struggle with wisdom, knowledge and experience. 

Raise your level of self respect and in so doing, raise the level at which others respect you. Police your mind and do not tolerate thoughts that undermine your self worth. Do not allow this entity the driver's seat in your world. Take charge, grab the wheel and fill your head with that which you would want to become.

Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.

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