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14. Transformation

This life ebbs and flows. It's dynamic. There is no fixed place that life suddenly emerges from. Magic manifests in the spaces between moments, in the relaxation between heartbeats.
Given the constant state of change that breathes life into existence, how strange it is that we try to control and manufacture spontaneity. We would be far better off easing into creativity through the acceptance of the things we can't change and the facilitation of flow state through careful consideration of acting upon the things we can.

When we learn to stop resisting life, we give it permission to flow through us, and in so doing, we connect with higher states of being. There is a clear difference in pushing through adversity and doing things you don't want to do in comparison to forcing your way through life. There are aspects of daily challenges sprinkled in and amongst the things that excite us. The takeaway is this: find joy and fulfilment in reframing your perspective on what is hard, unpleasant, and link those things to your highest criteria values. When we can transform our experience from one that resembles a form of penance into something we see as transformative and a part of our story, we give ourselves permission to enjoy the process.

You don't have to love the journey all the time, but as long as you can keep your mind on where it leads and how each step serves to bring you closer to your end goal, you start to appreciate and maybe even miss the suffering that reminds you of why your end goal is so worth every lump, bump and bruise.

At the end of every day, it's not about surviving, it's about metamorphosis. It's about making what's in the way become the way.
It's about...


Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.
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