15. Reflection

15. Reflection

Boredom indicates a lack of inner resources. There's always something to do or something constructive to think about. When you're bored within a phase of your life, seeking stimulation, stop and think for a moment. What is it that you lack within you that makes you think of the issue as plain or uninteresting.
A strong mind and will, needs not outward stimulation or excitement in order to work towards fulfilment.
Look within and find fulfilment from self reliance. There is much to be said about those individuals who seek to endeavour to find new ways to apply themselves in all that they do.

There is such beauty and freedom in realising one's inner higher purpose and value. Seek to divine a way of personal thinking that allows you to seek for the truth of the universe reflected within. Stop trying to seek an escape in all this external validation and false, instant gratification and proverbially empty your cup.

Return to yourself.

Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.
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