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Viking Lion Training

Viking Lion Training (VLT) Group

Viking Lion Training (VLT) Group

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VLT Group

In this group you will have access to Leo, his methods as well as the current mesocycle that is currently in circulation. You will have access to one of three (3) approaches within the mesocycle in every four (4) week block.

This group is virtual with options to join in person sessions, hosted at the Body Conscious Gym, the Training Hub of Viking Lion Training (R100 day pass fee), located in Randburg, Johannesburg.

Training sessions are 9:30am on Sundays - R200 drop in fee (unless paid for in the package).

Benefits and perks to the online training group:

  • Access to Q&A with Leo directly and on the group on all things exercise, nutrition and philosophy related
  • Personalised Training and Nutritional programming, optimised weekly with:
  • check ins, measurement analysis and a complimentary consult once every four (4) weeks.

Benefits and perks to training in person with Leo and the VLT group are:

  • Quality of repetition execution with regards to tempo, queues and psychological readiness in every rep
  • Access to Leo in person to go over individualised concerns and insights into exercise form with regards to set up, execution and the biomechanical nuances within the realm of strength training optimisation

Each training block lasts four (4) weeks, with a mandatory purchase of two (2) blocks up front in order to fully realise the benefits of the group. 

NB: You must have access to a full gym membership as you will need to have equipment of your own and have some exercise experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fresh student

Thus far, it has been quite interesting how involved and personalized Leo (grand senpai) has been with his students

Christopher Nicolaou
Best training by far

In a space where there is an abundant amount of opinions, false narratives, ludicrous claims and quick fixes, Leo delivers a a product that is superior in every respect. His breadth of knowledge, expertise and guidance are a breath of fresh air in a highly competitive landscape. If you want to rebuild your mental, emotional and physical prowess then look no further as this is the best you’re ever going to get!

Michael Langens

If you’re serious about getting in shape and be the best version of yourself then Leo is your man. From nutrition, supplementation to sports science his knowledge is exhaustive. Would highly recommend from beginners to elite.

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The Viking Raider Protocols (VRP) are an amalgamation of some of the best exercise modalities that science has to offer. Paired with that is the combination of compound movements, arranged in such a way to perfect the blend between rest and work, weaved together with the viking approach to conquer challenges and meet obstacles head on.


Our beserker diet is extremely well balanced. It facilitates the perfect mix of micro (small peripheral nutrients like vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (primary nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Our training routines require you to be well fed, and nourished. So what better way to get the all round experience than to complement your workout with our nutritional expertise to smash your goals in and outside of the gym.


Viking Lion Training Chief Master Trainer, Leo Rothmann, has a decade's worth of experience customising protocols and plans, consulting with clients to bring them the best training and nutritional advice in the business. We are proud to say that his expertise on anything health and wellness related go well beyond what is presented here. There is a personal touch that can't be captured without conversing and consulting him, sharing in his insight in how best to tackle change in mind, body and spirit.