5. Identity

5. Identity


I am not a Christian, yet I understand the importance of listening and welcoming the virtues of other faiths into my world. I don't have to believe everything you do, for me to learn from you, in regards to the beliefs that we share. There are universal truths that transcend belief structure or personal faith. The Vikings of old were accepting of the Christ God in their lives later on into their timeline, under forced conditions of course. Nevertheless, towards the end of the Pagan era the Vikings were forced to concede to Emperor Charlemagne and insidious Jarls who weaved the Holy Roman Christianity into the lives of their people.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Germanic Tribes surrounding were missions in a manner of speaking, yet despite this, there were some examples before this forced conversion to worshipping the Christ God that showed that there could be shared virtue despite a cultural difference of opinion in the realm of philosophy and virtue. I would like to think that some individuals were able to see the value in the Bible in the form of archetypes and philosophical lessons. Let us not forget that many of the records of the Germanic tribes and their beliefs were compiled by our Muslim brothers, whom without we would not know much of our ancestors. Life is not completely absolute and many overlaps occur, whether we acknowledge them or not.

Below is an article of one of our very own VRP (Viking Raider Protocols) practitioners, Reynier Campher. A Christian in faith, he seeks to exhibits much of what an earlier Viking strives for: strength, disregard for weakness of virtue, foresight and tenacity. Coincidently these are also Christian virtues, which cements my aforementioned point: we can have differences of faith and opinion as long as we agree on core values and the values of virtuous living through strength of character and compassion I'm all for! 


It is the year 2023, a record number of human beings populate the globe, and all of them have their own "unique" identity. I think it is safe to say that it has never been convenient, or more encouraged, to identify oneself than it is today. According to the Nation Council on Family Relations, there are 112 different genders to choose from, ranging from Male and Female identities, to transgender, intersex, and non-conforming genders. I honestly can't be bothered to even research all the 112 different genders, what I'm interested in is what they represent.

If you were to ask me who, and what I am, and how I see myself, my answer would be: "Male, 24 year old, Christian" and although this seems simple enough, what does that represent, as an identity? Identity refers to who and what an individual is, and therefore it is something which dictates how we live our lives, and what our lives represent to those around us. Therefore, what should my personal identity represent to me as Reynier Campher? To me, personally, I want the idea of who I am to represent strong and virtuous men, teaching the next generation the fundamentals of what it is to be a kind, strong and compassionate man. My identity should transcend just how I think of myself, but should stand as a beacon, representing my strength and ability, since all young men should strive to be as strong, vibrant and capable as possible for those that rely on them. Lastly, my identity should represent my faith and when people look at me, I would want them to see and experience who and what my God is, through me as a vessel for his message of strength, love and forgiveness. 

Unfortunately in today's society, If a Christian or most of the world's traditional belief systems walks down the street, flanked by a "worldly" person or someone consumed by vice would anyone be able to Identify the "Godly" individual? If you pass through a neighbourhood where people of faith reside, does it scream "Jesus" or God, or does it just look just like any other neighbourhood, that lives without the guidance of the word of Lord? It seems more and more that being a Christian today is a catch phrase or slogan to appease the conscience of those who know that they live lives of distraction, disconnected from all that is good and holy in this world.

God says in the scriptures that Christians should be known by their fruits. The Bible states that the spirit of God should be an aroma on our lives. People are supposed to smell the sweet aroma of God on all us devout followers of the Lord, but when they walk past us on a Friday night, all they smell is alcohol and smoke. More and more I see that Sundays are used as a forgiveness "session" for Friday and Saturday's sins, not the intended highlighted day of communal worship, sharing in the light of the Lord. This is a day where we people of faith are supposed to come together and affirm what we are supposed to do every single day... To live in virtue, adhering to the word of God, basking in his glory and living according to the examples set by Jesus. 

- Reynier Campher

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Thank you for posting my piece, brother. I hope that I have contributed to your awesome new site.

Reynier Campher

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