3. Health is Wealth

The attached images are of John Grimek, and then of Bernarr McFadden's writings. Bernarr like many of his contemporaries of the day, had empirical knowledge, not with any over bloated theoretical understandings. There was a middle ground, understanding that knowing theory is immensely important, only when conscious action is taken to be aware of how it applies directly to practical application. Many of these bites of knowledge are being rediscovered by our current experts in the field. Things like being inclusive in the gym, not one dimensional, being generalist in your approach to being a specialist.

Overall wellness is now being shown to have better long term performance results than specializing to the detriment of functionality. The emergence of health and wellness figures like Stan Efferding, Dr Layne Norton, Ben Greenfield, Dr Andrew Huberman, Ben Patrick (Knees over toes guy), Dr Andy Galpin, Dr Paul Saladino to only name a few, are different in many ways but have a central message - inclusivity and overall lifestyle is more important than one isolated aspect of one's life. The whole is interconnected and the outcome is dependent on how sustainable your journey to get to the destination is. This central message is different in form, but the same in content to the influential figures of the past in health, fitness and wellness. Vince Gironda, John Grimek, Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Arthur Jones, Ed Zercher etc, were all speaking about the same type of virtues, long ago. It's wonderful to the see the emergence of these wisdoms again.

We're inspired by our forebears, but we often underestimate just how much they knew and how much they contribute to where we are now.

Use these attached passages to remind you, that the body is the greatest tool in learning how to discover yourself and your place in this ever changing, expanding and evolving universe.

Find Freedom.
Life is what you make it.

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