9. Choice

9. Choice

Building strength of character, mind and body is important. It is imperative however that we consider why we're building these traits. They cannot be without reason, and they shouldn't be.

Hold in your mind the idea of what a virtuous character is. Build an archetype and live to embody that day to day. For it is not the big and bright things that make us, but the small, step by step actions we take that turn us into heroes worth believing in.

Your reason for being should be to rescue that version of yourself that feels lost, small and insignificant. Think about your training, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual as having day to day goals. "Who can I save today?" If even that "who" is you. What is the use in becoming strong if not to put it to good use and make a difference in your world.

Make a choice, right now, right here, as you read these words. Who are you saving today and why.

Be a hero, take responsibility for what is in your hands to control.

Find Freedom.

Life is what you make it.
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So true Johnston. Through living a virtuous life, we become aware of the light in our lives!

Leo Rothmann

The pursuit of virtue and the pursuit of happiness are one and the same ๐Ÿ™

Johnston Queever

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