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Leo Rothmann



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Embrace your inner power with this program.

There are two options when purchasing the Viking Raider Protocols (VRP):

1. The program on it's own and a once off introductory zoom call with Leo at the beginning of the program (six (6) week protocol). Use once, then break for 2 weeks. Repeat the whole system again for best results for a 14 week strength and conditioning block (six (6) weeks on, two (2) weeks off, six (6) weeks on).

2. The program and six (6) zoom calls with Leo (one (1) a week) to assess your progress at the end of each week. This option also includes feedback during the zoom call, coaching on exercises, peaking for workout days and alterations on the protocols, personal to the client.

The VRP are designed to push you to your limits, and give you the tools to transcend them. This is our premier training programme.

Please note, the VRP system is not a beginner program. Before attempting, make sure that you are at least able to finish our Intermediate version of the 6 WEEK EASTERN BEAST CAMPAIGN, or that you have experience in general advanced lifting modalities and theories.

The VRPs follow a high volume per exercise, low total week frequency system. Our very own modality of 2 days on, 2 days off is the key with this system. Included is our mobility and stability exercise system, that is a complement to the hellfire you will be passing through. 

If you are preparing to travel through Muspelheim on your way to greatness, this program will stand you in good stead. 

Lykke til!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Future President of South Africa
The Best Program I Have Done

Leo, our Viking leader, has crafted an exceptional program. I have been training for strength, mobility, and explosiveness for a long time, and this is by far the best program I have done. If you dare become the most beastly, capable version of yourself...try it. Leo's 1-on-1 consulting is a huge bonus.

I work a 12-16 hour work day... every day... and manage to get EVERY workout in VRP done. Let's not beat around the bush, this program is HARD AS HELL. But it is efficient, and Leo has chosen exercises, rep ranges, and other methodologies, to ensure your body recovers surprisingly fast.

Join us raiding!


At first I thought that this program would be a cookie cutter set of exercises. As someone who has a background in hardcore training, powerlifting and bodybuilding, I consider myself quite well versed in training methods. I was not ready for this. This program showed me there is still so much more to weight training and the weight room that I know nothing about. I have become so strong, put on tons of lean mass and I'm only 5 weeks in. Absolutely love it. Also loved the attention to detail and information provided by the instructional booklet.

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The Viking Raider Protocols (VRP) are an amalgamation of some of the best exercise modalities that science has to offer. Paired with that is the combination of compound movements, arranged in such a way to perfect the blend between rest and work, weaved together with the viking approach to conquer challenges and meet obstacles head on.


Our beserker diet is extremely well balanced. It facilitates the perfect mix of micro (small peripheral nutrients like vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (primary nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Our training routines require you to be well fed, and nourished. So what better way to get the all round experience than to complement your workout with our nutritional expertise to smash your goals in and outside of the gym.


Viking Lion Training Chief Master Trainer, Leo Rothmann, has a decade's worth of experience customising protocols and plans, consulting with clients to bring them the best training and nutritional advice in the business. We are proud to say that his expertise on anything health and wellness related go well beyond what is presented here. There is a personal touch that can't be captured without conversing and consulting him, sharing in his insight in how best to tackle change in mind, body and spirit.