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Leo Rothmann

8 Week Viking Beserker Diet

8 Week Viking Beserker Diet

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This standardized meal plan is based around minimizing gut inflammation and therefore emphasizes low FODMAP foods. Along with this streamlined approach to minimizing gut inflammation, there is a focus on increasing bioavailability and nutrient assimilation, with as few foods providing the bulk of the body's macronutrient and micronutrient needs as possible. In many ways this is an elimination diet, allowing the body time to "beef up" it's microbiome and slowly come back to a manageable state. 

This plan will aid in performance, decreased bodyfat and lean muscle gain. As such there will be an emphasis on clean eating. If needs be select the lowest activity indicator if you feel that you won't be active enough to be able to maintain an adequately high energy expenditure. This will lower the calories and keep you in a slight surplus. If looking for high output and performance gained (say in the off season of a sport you compete in) select the highest output for maximal surplus and food as fuel.

Red Meat is the staple with this plan - providing nutrients not found readily in plants, such as:

  • Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) - Important in maintaining nerve health as well as healthy brain function. Cobalamin is integral in the body's creation of red blood cells. Red meat contains roughly 5 - 6 times the amount of Cobalamin that chicken does.
  • Creatine (Amino acid - specifically important in the body's ability to work through the ATP/CP pathway). Creatine has been shown to also improve cognition and improve memory as well as improve muscular performance. It is the most well documented and safest supplement of all time. Unfortunately there is a lot of negative propaganda and false claims regarding creatine's effects.
  • Carnosine (Amino Acid) - Important for muscle function as well as powerful anti oxidant.
  • Vitamin D (cholecalciferol (D3)) - Also synthesized from the sun, this nutrient is severely lacking in individuals with darker skin tones and individuals who lack non damaging sun exposure regularly.
  • Haem Iron (Mineral) - Absorbed far better than it's plant counterpart non haem iron. Haem iron improves the body's ability to absorb non haem iron. This is known as the meat phenomenon. Without adequate levels of Iron the body can't produce enough haemoglobin to create healthy red blood cells. This in turn causes hypo oxygenation (lack of oxygen) in the blood. 

Along with utilizing this meal plan, care should be taken to account for other lifestyle hygiene factors such as proper sleep, reduced stress and a solid exercise regimen. All these together will raise the extent of your results and also help build strong habits, from which excellent results may spring from.

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The Viking Raider Protocols (VRP) are an amalgamation of some of the best exercise modalities that science has to offer. Paired with that is the combination of compound movements, arranged in such a way to perfect the blend between rest and work, weaved together with the viking approach to conquer challenges and meet obstacles head on.


Our beserker diet is extremely well balanced. It facilitates the perfect mix of micro (small peripheral nutrients like vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (primary nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Our training routines require you to be well fed, and nourished. So what better way to get the all round experience than to complement your workout with our nutritional expertise to smash your goals in and outside of the gym.


Viking Lion Training Chief Master Trainer, Leo Rothmann, has a decade's worth of experience customising protocols and plans, consulting with clients to bring them the best training and nutritional advice in the business. We are proud to say that his expertise on anything health and wellness related go well beyond what is presented here. There is a personal touch that can't be captured without conversing and consulting him, sharing in his insight in how best to tackle change in mind, body and spirit.